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Dr. Mohamed A. El-Reedy

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Name : Dr. Mohamed A. El-Reedy
D.O.B : -
Qualifications : • Ph.D.Degree in Structural Engineering,from Cairo University in 2000. The research subject “Reliability Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Columns”.
• M.Sc.Degree in Materials and Concrete Technology, in Structural Dept., From Cairo University in 1995. The subject of research “Predicting Bond Strength of Coated and Uncoated Steel Bars Using Analytical Model”
• B.Sc. Degree in Civil Engineering From Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering with grade ‘Very Good’ With Honor Degree at July 1990.
Graduation Project in Reinforced Concrete with grade 'Very Good' at July, 1990.
Strength : -
Current job : -

Biodata : Dr. El-Reedy's specialize in structural engineering. His specialist in the research on the reliability of concrete and steel structure. He working in Egypt as a consultant for oil and gas companies. He has experienced in Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) and Natural Gas Liquid (NGL) projects with international engineering firms. Experienced in executing reliability, inspection, maintenance strategy for onshore concrete structures and offshore steel structure platforms covering hundreds of structures in the Gulf of Suez.

Dr. El-Reedy provided consultancy to trained executives in many organizations, including the Arabian American Oil Company, BP, Apachi, Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA), etc. He has published and presented papers in local and international conferences sponsored by ASME, ASCE, CSCE, ACI, ASTM and API.
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