Wawasan Professional Training Centre
Construction | Engineering | Management | Information Technology
Qualification : Educational
• Master in Business Admistration (MBA), Victoria University, Melbourne (2008)
• Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) (Civil) University of Malaya, Malaysia (1996)
• Sekolah Menengah Mahmud, Raub, Pahang, Malaysia (1991)
Board of Engineers, Malaysia (BEM) Registration
• Professional Engineer, Board of Engineers Malaysia (Reg.No.10714) since 2001
• Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (Reg.No.M16164) since 2001
• The APEC Engineer (APEC Membership No:00148) since 2005
• The EMF International Engineer (EMF Membership No:00148) since 2005
• The ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organisation, AFEO (Reg.No.AER 12188) since 2005
Strength : • Project Feasibility Study.
• Overall Risk Management & Monitoring.
• Product Development, Initial Pricing & Marketing Strategy.
• Intial Overall Project Cash Flow Planning and Cost Monitoring.
• Civil Engineering Expertise & Overall Project Management.
• Consultants network for project implementation. (Detailed criteria for selection of consultants & contractors).
Qualification : -
Strength : -
Qualification : • Bachelor of Engineering, BE (HONS), Civil, University of Malaya, 1974.
• Professional Engineer, Civil, Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM), 1979
• Member, Civil, The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM), 1979
• Member, Civil, The Institution of Civil Engineers (UK), 1979
• Fellow, Civil, The Institution of Engineers Malaysia, 1992
• BEM Accredited Independent Check Engineer, Board of Engineers Malaysia, 2004
• ACEM/IEM Panel of Engineering Experts (Geotechnical), 2002
-Life Member, Road Engineering Association Malaysia, 1995

Strength : • Published more than 50 technical papers about geotechnical and road engineering in various local and international conferences/seminars/journal.
Qualification : • Diploma in Civil Engineering from the University of Technology Malaysia (1979)
• Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Miami, Florida in 1985.
• Obtained a Master of Philosophy in Geotechnics from the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom in 1993.
Strength : • Geotechnical engineering investigations and design involving slope stability assessment, ground improvement design, foundation design and geotechnical failure investigations.
• Published more than 30 papers in local and international conferences and seminars.
Qualification : • Director of undergraduate program at University of Manchester. (1991-1995)
• Visiting professor at University of Malaya.
• Currently as professor in Knowledge Management at the Multimedia University, Malaysia.
Strength : • Has 30 years experience in project and construction management across US, UK and South East Asia.
• Published more than 50 articles in international journal, conference and seminar.
Qualification : • B.Sc. in building economics from South Bank University (UK)
• MSc in maintenance management from the University of Reading (UK).
• Chartered Quantity Surveyor and member of the Royal Institution of Chartered.
• President of Institution of Surveyors Malaysia. (1994-1995)
Strength : • Experience in government and public construction projects in Malaysia is more than 20 years.
Qualification : • PhD degree from the Oxford Brookes University.
• M.Eng.Sc from Department of Civil Engineering, University of Malaya.
Strength : • Specializing in Value Engineering/Value Management and Innovation methodologies.
• Published numerous articles in international journals and conferences.
Qualification : • BSc in building technology from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) and MSc in Engineering from University of Leeds, UK.
Strength : • Experience in government and private construction projects in Malaysia is more than 20 years.
Qualification : • University of Technolory Malaysia (UTM), International Islamic University of Malaysia and University of Industry Selangor (UNISEL)
Strength : • Project Management
Qualification : • Graduated from UTM with an honors degree in Civil Engineering
• Patent Holder of Y-Bearing Pile Driving Method; USPTO, USA
• Certified PDA Engineer (Advance Level); DFI, USA and FQA, Australia
Strength : • Published the first "Piling Handbook for Design and Construction of Driven Pile Foundations" in Malaysia
• Research officer to conduct research in piling and dwelled into the complexities of dynamic pile testing (PDA) in determining the pile bearing capacities.
Qualification : • B.Sc.(Hons) Upper 2nd Class Divison(Geology)
• MSc (Engineering Geology)
• PhD (Structual Geology)
Strength : • Engineering Geology
• Structual Geology
• Geohazards
• Enviromental & Conservation Geology
Qualification : • Graduate of University of Central Oklahoma.
• Bachelor of Science Degree of Accounting.
• 20 years in professional consulting.
• Certified Public Accountant.
• Consulting firm owner with Advanced Chemical Technologies Inc.(ACT)
• Ex-business consultant for Pricewaterhouse(now Pricewaterhouse/Coopers)
Strength : • Planning and implementing strategic sales and marketing initiatives.
• Maintaning and developing existing national and international distribution and sales network
Qualification : • Bachelor in Engineering (Hons)
• University Malaya
• Associate Member of MIM
• American Society of Safety Engineers
Strength : • Highly energetic and motivating trainer
• Offer relevant and practical perspectives in management concepts
• Well-researched presentations and captivating delivery
Qualification : • 1986-Dean's List Award, Dept of Civil Engineering, Strathclyde University, UK
• 1987-Bachelor of Engineering (1st Class Honours), University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom
• 1991-Doctor of Philosophy, University of Strathclyde, U.K., on Geosynthetics and Geotechnical Engineering
Strength : -
Qualification : • Leremy graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Software Engineering from Multimedia University (MMU) in year 2004
Strength : • Web designs
• Web application
Qualification : • Master Degree in Business Administration
Strength : • Specialize in financial planning, particularly business succession planning, debt restructuring, risk management and Estate planning.
Qualification : • MBA,Victoria University, Australia.
Strength : • Her strengths including Event Management, Organizational issues (Branding, Corporate Social Responsibility and ethics, Motivation, Leadership, and Communications), Advertising, Promotion & Media. She is also well-versed in Chinese language.
Qualification : • Doctor of Philosophy in Geotechnical Engineering University of Bristol, United Kingdom.
• Thesis - Highway Cut Slope Instability Problems in West Malaysia.
• Bachelor of Science (Hons) Civil Engineering University of Southampton, United Kingdom (Second Class Upper).
Strength : -
Qualification : • B. Eng. (Hons) University of Malaya.
• M. Eng. Sc. University of Malaya.
Strength : • Laboratory Soil Testing
• Design of Local Fabrication on research and testing equipments
• Prefabricated Vertical Drain and Geotextiles Testing & Design
• Tropically Weathered Residual Soils
• Unsaturated Soil Mechanics
• Slope Instrumentation
• Soil and Ground Improvement Techniques
• Failure and Distress Investigation
• Slope Stability Analysis Incorporate with Unsaturated Soil and Rainfall
• Seepage Analyses
Qualification : • Ph.D.Degree in Structural Engineering,from Cairo University in 2000. The research subject “Reliability Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Columns”.
• M.Sc.Degree in Materials and Concrete Technology, in Structural Dept., From Cairo University in 1995. The subject of research “Predicting Bond Strength of Coated and Uncoated Steel Bars Using Analytical Model”
• B.Sc. Degree in Civil Engineering From Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering with grade ‘Very Good’ With Honor Degree at July 1990.
Graduation Project in Reinforced Concrete with grade 'Very Good' at July, 1990.
Strength : -
Qualification : • Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering majoring in Microelectronic from Universiti Putra Malaysia
Strength : He graduated with a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering majoring in Microelectronic. He has been in banking industry for over five years and has an outstanding track record in consumer products both assets and wealth.
Qualification : Diploma in Business Administration (ABE, UK), B. Arts - Financial Management and Accounting (Heriot-Watt University) and Master of Business Administration (Victoria University)
Strength : -
Qualification : • MBA & B.B.A from Victoria University, Australia.
• Associate for Junior Chamber International (JCI) and Lion Club
Strength : • Entrepreneurship and networking
• Involved in multidisciplinary companies such as education, event, cafe, fashion, sales and marketing
• Senior manager for a multinational and public listed company
• Marketing Director for an Event Company
• Partnership and running a restaurant and trading company
• Have accumulated experiences in business and non-profit organizations (NGOs)such as Junior Chamber International (JCI) and Lion Club which partner with United Nations, UNICEF, UNESCO, YBI,
• President for High School and Sunway Bowling Club
• Organizing Chairman (OC) for JCIKL
Qualification : Bachelor of Arts in Marketing Communication from Monash University, Australia.
Strength : His strengths including Event Management, Branding, Advertising, Promotion & Media.
Qualification : MBA from Victoria University, Australia
Strength : -
Qualification : Diploma in Information Technology from the University of Humberside (UK) 1992
Strength : Successful Real Estate Investor
Qualification : Bachelor of Engineering (Civil), National University of Singapore (1989)
Strength : -
Qualification : Degree in Civil Engineering from Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (Now call Universiti Putra Malaysia)
Strength : • He developed software for analyses and design of RC structures, drains, sewers and earthworks.
• He also develops software that works on handheld computers and is considering developing application that work on the web.
Qualification : BEng(Civil), MEng(Civil)
Strength : Hydrology, Hydraulic, Water Resources Analysis and Modeling
Qualification : • PhD degree from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST, UK)
• M.Sc. from University of Florida
• BSc. (Hons) from Central Missouri State University
• Dip. Bldg (UiTM)
• Published numerous articles in international journal, conference and seminar.
Strength : • Quality and Project Management in Construction and Mitigation of Delay in Construction.
Qualification : • Master in Construction Law, University of Melbourne
• Bachelor of Quantity Surveying (Honours, UTM
• Diploma in Quantity Surveying, UTM
Strength : • Procurement and Construction Law