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E059 Engineering Workshop on Practical Design, Installation & Testing of Driven Piles, Bored Piles & Micropiles 1 Day

BEM Approved 7 CPD Hours (IEM12/PP/036/W) Normal Price RM 550.00
(If 2 or more RM 450.00 per person Only)
Overview of pile design, installation & testing. Design principles/concepts & requirements stipulated by code of practice (BS 8004 & EC 7), critical parameters, specification & checklists for pile design & installation. Case histories of design, construction & testing of driven piles, bored piles & micropiles in various common types of geological formations will be illustrated & presented. Planning, execution & interpretation of common types of pile tests for driven piles, bored piles & driven piles will also be included. Workshop notes and more than 300 slides will be given.
Who are the speakers?
Qualification : • Bachelor of Engineering, BE (HONS), Civil, University of Malaya, 1974.
• Professional Engineer, Civil, Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM), 1979
• Member, Civil, The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM), 1979
• Member, Civil, The Institution of Civil Engineers (UK), 1979
• Fellow, Civil, The Institution of Engineers Malaysia, 1992
• BEM Accredited Independent Check Engineer, Board of Engineers Malaysia, 2004
• ACEM/IEM Panel of Engineering Experts (Geotechnical), 2002
-Life Member, Road Engineering Association Malaysia, 1995

Strength : • Published more than 50 technical papers about geotechnical and road engineering in various local and international conferences/seminars/journal.
Current job : • Director of E-Geo Consultant Sdn. Bhd.
Biodata : Ir. Neoh has been a Vice Chairman of IEM (2004-2006), Chairman of Technical Committee on Geotechnics (TC5)of Road Association of Malaysia (1997-2006) and Chairman of IEM Geotechnical Technical Division (1996-1998),etc.

He joined JKR Malaysia for 25 years after graduated from UM in 1974. He joined IKRAM Runding Sdn Bhd as Director from 1999 to 2000. Since 2001, he is the Director of E-GEO Consultant Sdn Bhd.

He has published more than 50 technical papers about geotechnical and road engineering in various local & international conferences/seminars/journal.

He is a registered BEM Accredited Independent Checker (Geotechnical).
Sessions and Scopes
Session Scope Speaker
Session 1
Day 1
Session 2
Day 1
• Overview of pile design, installation & testing practice/requirements stipulated by code of practice (BS 8004 & EC 7). Design principle/concept, common pile types & their applications & limitations, pile selection chart.
• Practical Driven Pile, Bored Pile & Micropile Design: Design principle/concept; guides & checklists for comprehensive design; applications & limitations.
• Guidelines for planning, evaluation & interpretation of SI for pile foundation design.
• Checklists for what can go wrong in design & construction of pile foundation.
• Checklist for pile foundation design report preparation.
• Specification for driven concrete pile, bored pile & micropile construction: method statement. Machine/tool requirements, material requirements, workmanship & works tolerances, construction & quality controls, etc.
• Brief case histories to illustrate how to design driven pile, micropile & bored pile for various subsoil conditions & structures with particular reference to estimation of axial, lateral load capacity, uplift capacity, settlement and scheme of design validation will be illustrated and presented.
• Basic causes for pile foundation problems: defective design, defective construction or both? Statistics?
• Comprehensive technical notes and more than 300 slides will be illustrated and distributed to participants for reference.
Ir. Neoh Cheng Aik
Session 3
Day 1
Session 4
Day 1
SECTION 2: Case history 1 (Driven piles in limestone formation
• Presentation will include project briefs related to site conditions/site contour plan, loadings and Client’s requirements for a mixed commercial housing project consisting of one block of high-rise RC buildings including deep basement car park near a high slope where high retaining walls are also required. The project site geology is Kenny hill formation & the site terrain is generally hilly.
• The participants should learn:
1. How to plan the necessary scope of SI for the project to meet the requirements stipulated by code of practice.
2. How to interpret SI report and select suitable pile systems and wall systems for the project to meet requirements. Compare the pros and cons for each feasible systems considered. Basis of selection, recommendations and justifications.
3. Pile design: what are the scope of design verification analysis/calculations or requirements (stipulated by code of practice) that need to be met? How to design the piling system recommended including estimation of geotechnical pile axial capacity, lateral pile capacity, negative friction, settlement plus structural capacity, etc.
4. Pile installation issues: Recommendation of piling systems shall also include pile installation method and necessary precautions against possible excessive installation/driving stresses and potential pile structural integrity problems. List what can go wrong at site (based on SI report & site conditions plus installation method, etc.) and necessary precautions/mitigations during the installation. Scope of inspection & recording. Requirements for site supervision.
5. Pile testing: What are the basic necessary and appropriate scope of design validation and QC tests/measurements/observations/ inspections to ensure the piles installed have met the requirements stipulated by code of practice and specification with particular reference to quality of materials and workmanship plus performance.
• Participants will be given adequate guides and advice during the course of the workshop.
Ir. Neoh Cheng Aik
Session 5
Day 1
Lunch Break
Session 6
Day 1
SECTION 3: Case history 2
• As case history 1, but bored piles.
Ir. Neoh Cheng Aik
Session 7
Day 1
SECTION 4: Case history 3
• As case history 1, but micropile.
Ir. Neoh Cheng Aik
Date, Time, Venue, and Fee
Date and time : 23-11-2013 (Saturday) 0900 - 1730
Venue : Hotel Armada Petaling Jaya
Arcadia 1, Level 3,
Lorong Utara C, Section 52,
46200 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: 03-79546888
Location map : See location map
Fee : Normal Price RM 550.00
(If 2 or more RM 450.00 per person Only)
Who should attend?
Civil Engineers, Geotechnical Engineers, Structural Engineers, Building & Piling Contractors, Consultants, Project Managers, RE, Lecturers, Academics
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Additional notes
• Certificate of CPD Point with full attendance
• 2 tea breaks & 1 lunch provided
• Handout notes
Class capacity = 30