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E047 Engineering Workshop On Design & Construction Of Shallow Foundation For Building Projects 1 Day

BEM Approved 7 CPD Hours (IEM11/PP/020/W) Normal Price RM 650.00
(If 2 or more RM 500.00 per person Only)
Types of shallow foundations: design & construction practice, design principles, applications & limitations.
Common causes for building foundation defects & failures. Investigation scope, typical causes & common remediation methods, etc.
Practical design methods for shallow foundation design & examples.
How to design shallow foundation in filled ground. Practice, design verification & QC /design validation. Mitigations against common problems at site. Design examples & illustration on how to assess & address the problems.
Practical case histories/studies/examples of shallow foundation design for various types of sites & subsoil conditions including useful measures/ methods of design validation, mitigations against WCGW, etc.
How to design shallow foundations to meet EuroCode 7 (Part 1 & 2) requirements.
Who are the speakers?
Qualification : Bachelor of Engineering, BE (HONS), Civil, University of Malaya, 1974.
Professional Engineer, Civil, Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM), 1979
Member, Civil, The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM), 1979
Member, Civil, The Institution of Civil Engineers (UK), 1979
Fellow, Civil, The Institution of Engineers Malaysia, 1992
BEM Accredited Independent Check Engineer, Board of Engineers Malaysia, 2004
ACEM/IEM Panel of Engineering Experts (Geotechnical), 2002
-Life Member, Road Engineering Association Malaysia, 1995

Strength : Published more than 50 technical papers about geotechnical and road engineering in various local and international conferences/seminars/journal.
Current job : Director of E-Geo Consultant Sdn. Bhd.
Biodata : Ir. Neoh has been a Vice Chairman of IEM (2004-2006), Chairman of Technical Committee on Geotechnics (TC5)of Road Association of Malaysia (1997-2006) and Chairman of IEM Geotechnical Technical Division (1996-1998),etc.

He joined JKR Malaysia for 25 years after graduated from UM in 1974. He joined IKRAM Runding Sdn Bhd as Director from 1999 to 2000. Since 2001, he is the Director of E-GEO Consultant Sdn Bhd.

He has published more than 50 technical papers about geotechnical and road engineering in various local & international conferences/seminars/journal.

He is a registered BEM Accredited Independent Checker (Geotechnical).
Sessions and Scopes
Session Scope Speaker
Session 1
Day 1
Session 2
Day 1
SESSION 1-Overview
Types of shallow foundations for buildings: design & construction practice, design principles/concepts, applications & limitations.
Design methods: design parameters required for bearing capacity & settlement estimation, etc.
Info collection & methods to determine geotechnical design parameters.
Planning scope of SI for building project.
SI interpretation. What are meant by adequate & reliable SI? BEM Circular 4/2005 requirements.
Ir. Neoh Cheng Aik
Session 3
Day 1
Session 4
Day 1
SESSION 2-Foundation Design Case Histories for Building Projects
Design case histories for building foundations in cut ground, filled ground, soft ground & difficult site conditions. What are the problems & methods of SI/tests required to procure the info & parameters? How to address the problems & the necessary design validation.
Project brief, site conditions/constraints, SI results, SI interpretation.
Foundation type selection based on SI result, loading & site/environment, etc.
Technical justifications (capacity & settlement estimation methods.
Design validation scheme/scope,etc.
Mitigations against what can go wrong at site.
How to design shallow foundations to meet EC 7 requirements.
Ir. Neoh Cheng Aik
Session 5
Day 1
Lunch Break
Session 6
Day 1
SESSION 3-Construction Controls & Design Validations
Objectives & scope of construction supervision/controls for shallow foundation works. Role & significance of confirmatory probes.
Scope & purpose of QC & design validations. Checklist for shallow foundation construction.
Common site construction problems and necessary mitigations/ precautions against WCGW at site.
Ir. Neoh Cheng Aik
Session 7
Day 1
Session 8
Day 1
SESSION 4-Underpinning Design
Case histories of underpinning design for distressed building shallow foundations. Desk study to assess info available/required and determine causes and hypothesis of distress. Scope of SI and analysis required to verify the hypothesis. Recommendations & proposals of remediations including micropile design plus necessary justifications and design validation, etc.
Ir. Neoh Cheng Aik
Session 9
Day 1
Question & Answer
Session 10
Day 1
Distribution of Certificate
Date, Time, Venue, and Fee
Date and time : 21-05-2011 (Saturday) 0900 - 1730
Venue : Hotel Armada Petaling Jaya
Room 1, Level 3,
Lorong Utara C, Section 52,
46200 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: 03-79546888
Location map : See location map
Fee : Normal Price RM 650.00
(If 2 or more RM 500.00 per person Only)
Who should attend?
Civil Engineers, Geotechnical Engineers, Structural Engineers, Building & Piling Contractors, Consultants, Project Managers, RE, Lecturers, Academics.
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Additional notes
Certificate of CPD Point with full attendance
2 tea breaks & 1 lunch provided
Handout notes
Class capacity = 40