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E027 Engineering Advance Materials For Construction, Repair And Maintenance Of Reinforced Concrete Structures 2 Days

BEM Approved 16 CPD Hours (Ref No: IEM09/PP/031/S) Normal Price RM 1500.00
(If 2 or more RM 1200.00 per person Only)
• Concrete is used throughout the world for a wide range of applications. In order to improve the properties of concrete, recent advances in material science introduce new materials or admixtures to be added to or replace conventional concrete materials. Such materials could be used in new concrete construction or in repairing new or existing structures. These materials could cause more harm than benefit or at least be ineffective if not properly used.
• This two-days seminar will introduce newly developed concrete materials as well as the repair materials utilized in most repair works in concrete structures either for those needed during construction or for rehabilitation of existing structures. The course will also cover test methods and technical specifications for such materials as well as troubleshooting for their most common problems.
• Participant will know the necessary information about the different advanced concrete materials, what test should be performed and how to interpret their results, what to look for in specifications and troubleshooting of material related problems.
Who are the speakers?
Qualification : • Ph.D.Degree in Structural Engineering,from Cairo University in 2000. The research subject “Reliability Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Columns”.
• M.Sc.Degree in Materials and Concrete Technology, in Structural Dept., From Cairo University in 1995. The subject of research “Predicting Bond Strength of Coated and Uncoated Steel Bars Using Analytical Model”
• B.Sc. Degree in Civil Engineering From Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering with grade ‘Very Good’ With Honor Degree at July 1990.
Graduation Project in Reinforced Concrete with grade 'Very Good' at July, 1990.
Strength : -
Current job : -
Biodata : Dr. El-Reedy's specialize in structural engineering. His specialist in the research on the reliability of concrete and steel structure. He working in Egypt as a consultant for oil and gas companies. He has experienced in Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) and Natural Gas Liquid (NGL) projects with international engineering firms. Experienced in executing reliability, inspection, maintenance strategy for onshore concrete structures and offshore steel structure platforms covering hundreds of structures in the Gulf of Suez.

Dr. El-Reedy provided consultancy to trained executives in many organizations, including the Arabian American Oil Company, BP, Apachi, Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA), etc. He has published and presented papers in local and international conferences sponsored by ASME, ASCE, CSCE, ACI, ASTM and API.
• Assist participants to effectively consult the technical specifications of these materials.
• Provide steps to choose the right materials according to the benefit and disadvantages analysis.
• Provide them with troubleshooting methods for material-related problems.
• Assist in choosing the best materials for repairs and protection of steel bars from corrosion.
Sessions and Scopes
Session Scope Speaker
Session 1
Day 1
Session 2
Day 1
SECTION 1: Introduction and Overview
• Conventional Concrete Materials Limitations and Problems
• High Strength Concrete and High Performance Concrete
• Special Constituent materials and Admixtures
Dr. Mohamed A. El-Reedy
Session 3
Day 1
Session 4
Day 1
SECTION 2: High Strength Concrete: General & SECTION 3: High Strength Concrete: Materials
• Importance and Economy
• Durability Improvement
• Structural Improvement
• Slag (GGBS)
• Fly Ash
• Silica
Dr. Mohamed A. El-Reedy
Session 5
Day 1
Lunch Break
Session 6
Day 1
SECTION 4: High Strength Concrete: Production & SECTION 5: SCC characteristics
• Batching and Mixing High Strength Concrete
• Placing and Compacting High Strength Concrete
• Finishing and Curing High Strength Concrete
• Definition
• Importance and Economy
• Performance Improvement Concerns
Dr. Mohamed A. El-Reedy
Session 7
Day 1
Session 8
Day 1
SECTION 6: Construction Practices for Concrete in the Gulf
• Specifics of Gulf Environment
• Definition of hot weather for concreting processes
• Precautions for different concreting operations in the hot weather of Gulf region
Dr. Mohamed A. El-Reedy
Session 9
Day 2
SECTION 7: Standard Test Methods for Non-Conventional Concretes and Reinforcement
• Standard test methods for fresh and Hardened Special concretes
• Standard specifications for epoxy coated bars
• Standard specifications for steel wires and strands for prestressed concrete
• Standard test methods for properties of FRP rods
Dr. Mohamed A. El-Reedy
Session 10
Day 2
Session 11
Day 2
SECTION 8: Technical Specifications for Concrete and Reinforcement & SECTION 9: Non-Traditional Typ
• Specification definition and specified qualifications
• Specification types, features and format
• Sample concrete and reinforcement specifications
• Galvanized and epoxy coated bars
• Stainless steel bars
• Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) reinforcement for concrete
Dr. Mohamed A. El-Reedy
Session 12
Day 2
Lunch Break
Session 13
Day 2
SECTION 10: Repair Materials for Concrete Structures & SECTION 11: Latex Modified Concrete: Introduc
• Required properties in repair materials
• Types of repair materials
• Repair methods and techniques
• Sample technical specifications for repair works
• Background
• Standard Specifications and Guides
• Mix Proportioning
• Mixing and Placing
• Finishing and Curing
Dr. Mohamed A. El-Reedy
Session 14
Day 2
Session 15
Day 2
SECTION 12: Advanced Concrete Materials: Problems and Solutions
• Dosage and Over Dosage
• Workability
• Setting and Finishing
• Long Term Performance
• Repair by using CFRP
Dr. Mohamed A. El-Reedy
Session 16
Day 2
Question & Answer
Session 17
Day 2
Distribution of Certificate
Date, Time, Venue, and Fee
Date and time : Original date is 3to5-12-2009 tentatively RESCHEDULED to the 24 & 25-05-2010 (Monday & Tuesday) 0900 - 1700 due to the unforeseen reason
Venue : Seminar Hall,First Floor, Wisma Wawasan,
No.19-1, Jalan PJS8/12, Dataran Mentari,
Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Location map : See location map
Fee : Normal Price RM 1500.00
(If 2 or more RM 1200.00 per person Only)
Who should attend?
• This course is targeted for Design Engineers, Architects, Supervision Engineers and inspectors from public agencies and Private Sector
• This course is also essential for Contractors, Project Engineers and Related Construction Staffs.
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Additional notes
• Certificate of CPD Point with full attendance
• 4 tea breaks & 2 lunch provided
• Handout notes
• Free RC Staircase, RC Pad Footing & RC Slab (BS8110) Design Spreadsheet Worth RM1200.00
Class capacity = 30