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68 Simplified Solutions for Retaining Wall Design
General Concept of Lateral Earth Pressure
Cantilever Reinforced Concrete Wall
Reinforced Soil Wall
Sheetpile Wall
Gravity Wall

Price : RM238.00

99 Practical Problems & Solutions For RC and Spun Piles Design
Settlement of Pile
Pile Set Computation
Laterally Loaded Pile
Negetive Skin Friction
Friction & End Bearing Piles
Efficiency of Pile Group Capacity
Interpretation of Static Load Test Result

Original Price : RM238.00

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Piling Handbook-Design and Construction of Driven Pile Foundations
8 Steps To Practice Modern Piling

[No Preview Available]
Price : RM280.00

MBA Edge
MBA Edge provides undergraduates, executives, managers and aspiring managers a guide to becoming outstanding leaders through acquiring a Master of Business Administration degree.

It has a multifaceted approach in helping business practitioners appreciate the complexity of the business world and what the MBA degree can offer in terms of value-added knowledge to understand and enhance the competitive edge of today’s organizations. At the same time it attempts to cover all the various aspects of the MBA degree from the perspective of a non-MBA reader of the book in order to anticipate all the questions they have in mind about the degree so that the reader will be able to absorb and benefit more when they finally decide to embark on the enriching journey of acquiring the esteemed MBA degree.

Book Preview : MBA Edge
Price : RM19.90

Steel-Reinforced Concrete Structures-Assessment and Repair of Corrosion

[No Preview Available]
Price : RM520.00

Advanced Materials and Techniques for Reinforced Concrete Structures

[No Preview Available]
Price : RM480.00

Pembiayaan Semula (Refinancing Now): Idea Sebenar Penjimatan Wang Anda
Pembiayaan Semula adalah mengenai idea-idea yang dapat menjimatkan wang anda pada aset hartanah anda. Buku ini akan membantu anda memahami pinjaman perumahan anda sekarang serta memberi idea untuk mengkaji pakej pinjaman baru untuk memperolehi kelebihannya. Pembiayaan Semula adalah mengenai gaya hidup peribadi anda serta pelaburan hartanah yang mengandungi pengiraan mudah untuk membandingkan beberapa jenis pinjaman yang berbeza untuk membantu anda memahami apakah jenis pinjaman yang paling sesuai untuk anda. Inilah perkara yang perlu setiap pemilik rumah tahu mengenai pinjaman perumahan sebelum berjumpa dengan pegawai bank.

[No Preview Available]
Price : RM18.90

Refinancing Now
Refinancing Now is about real ideas that will save you money on your properties. This book will help you understand your current home loan and consider a new financial package for its advantages. Refinancing now is also a lifestyle cum property investment book that contains simple calculations to compare different types of loans and help you make sure you have the loan that best suits you. this is what every home owner should know about their home loans before meeting their banking or mortgage brokers.

[No Preview Available]
Price : RM29.90

MBA Edge Unlimited
The MBA EDGE Unlimited is the best all-in-one guide to the exciting world of the MBA. It provides executives young and old a guide to becoming outstanding leaders through acquiring a Master of Business Administration degree.

[No Preview Available]
Price : RM19.90

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