Wawasan Professional Training Centre
Construction | Engineering | Management | Information Technology

Wawasan Professional Training Centre is formed with the commitment to provide a technical training seminars, workshops and conferences to the public. Our target groups are professionals (which include engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, lawyers) and managers. Currently the centre is working together with many highly qualified, experienced and distinguished speakers from established Universities and industry practitioners.

To enhance human resource quality of professionals and managers, so as to increase the productivity and competitiveness of Malaysian in local and global market as a whole.
To provide continuous professional development (CPD) for Professionals in Malaysia.
To provide continuous training for managers and directors of Small Medium Enterprises/Companies in area of management.
To provide a venue for technical training seminars, workshops and conferences.
To act as a networking and resource centre.
Core Values
PROFESSIONAL : Ensure all seminar are conducted by highly qualified speakers and well train employees.
PARTNERSHIP : Work hand in hand with industry leaders, academics, associates & customers to grow together.
PASSION : Deliver quality products to customer with genuine interest and passion.
KAIZEN : Continuously improve to deliver better quality products.